Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clearance:Love Shop Monkiki 15cm Baby Doll "Little Bear" Suit

This Clearance Love Shop Monkiki 15cm Baby Doll "Little Bear" Suit will be SOLD OUT in a few moments!

If you do not want to be disappointed, be sure to order this product as soon as possible before its running out

  • 1. Size: 15cm/5.9inch. Material: PVC evade glue, plush, PP cotton.
  • 2. Extremly cute, likeable, well-behaved and kind.
  • 3. Made by Hongkong Fariy Monkiki Company.
  • 4. Easy to hold and carry.
  • 5. Exceptional quality and value.

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product Love Shop Monkiki 15cm Baby Doll
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Product Description

This is a hard-faced monkey doll, and laughed with the small mouth, a hairy and round body, and even face also dotted with sporadic "pockmark".
But such a named "Monkiki" monkey, as it has a pair of delicate and touching expression, his hand with a nipple (or hung on the neck), can put it in the mouth anytime, such lovely modelling attracted countless people.

There is a legend: if send a Monkiki to the loved one that wish beforehand for two persons' lifetime with happiness and good luck. Monkiki's face, hands and feet is made of plastic, on other parts, was full of coffee hairy, so no matter when you see it will have a warm feeling.

Package: 1x Love Shop Monkiki 15cm Baby Doll "Little Bear" Suit.

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